Will change lives one PataCon at a time

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Please set slippage to 16% for PancakeSwap

BSC Contract Address: 0x66E68917731c0d1bB5ae37decD7ccc2D9Cf6aAC4

What is the Supply?

The PataCoin token has a maximum supply of 1 trillion
There is an initial 15% tax on every buy and sell.
There is no tax on users transfers

Do I get tokens for buying PataClub NFTs?

Every original buyer will get 1BNB worth of PataCoin token, initial matching proceeds of this sale will go into the liquidity

How is the tax used?

It goes into the liquidity and the PataCoin treasury which is used for the development of the project, marketing, and reinvestment in other tokens/nfts for future buy-backs/distribution among current holders

How are other projects selected?

Selection of tokens/nfts will be voted via DAO among current holders

What was the V1 address?

Old contract address was 0x749B033F0e2C68AAD08Ba68ebA7137286d976bAf, old holders that contributed to the v1 liquidity have received v2 tokens

Is PataCoin a Security?

there are three factors that must be present in order to make a determination that an ‘investment contract’ exists:
(i) an investment of money in a common enterprise;
(ii) with a reasonable expectation of profits;
(iii) derived from the managerial efforts of others.

we don't and can't promise any profits, results won't be based on our decisions, but instead all decisions will come from token holders via voting, and no reasonable person should expect profits
this DAO is for degen gamblers only and hence (ii) and (iii) are not satisfied